Message from the Chairman

Brandy, what a story! Despite its global fame, this beverage remains somewhat obscure in France, where its journey began in antiquity with the introduction of the vine to French soil. The vintners of the time faced significant challenges: unpredictable harvests leading to surpluses and the perishability of certain delicate wines. The options were limited: uproot the vineyards or accept the transformation of fragile wines into vinegar.

The development of grape brandies, and by extension “French Brandy,” was propelled by international trade. From 1600, the Dutch energized the maritime trade of spirits, fostering a production ideal for long voyages, thanks to improved preservation and enhancement in wooden barrels.

Today, Brandy is no longer exclusively produced from French vineyards, which prioritize the production of still wines. Nevertheless, the aging and blending techniques developed in France continue to bolster its global reputation.

Its success is evident, both in the volumes exported – France being the European leader with 100 million bottles per year, almost exclusively for export – and in the awards received at prestigious international competitions.
Despite its three centuries of history, Brandy remains a field in full development. French and European players, engaged on the international stage, must compete with rivals who sometimes benefit from more “flexible” regulations, particularly regarding the non-vine-based raw materials.
In a context where the search for meaning is paramount, the French Brandy Federation is committed to promoting a Brandy true to its complex and rich heritage. This site aims to showcase this ambition. We hope to address your questions, but remain at your disposal through our contact form for any comments.

Jérôme ROYER, Chairman



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